Category : Workshops and Factories
Project Name : Solar Innovation Center
Client : DEWA
Details : The award winning design for the new Solar Innovation Center celebrates the unique identity of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park reinforcing sense of place for green Dubai as a leading example of sustainable development both in the region and internationally. 

A beautiful organic form from the outside, The Solar Innovation Center inspires curiosity and with a stimulating free flowing multi level space internally, encourages free thought and exploration. At the same time it has a simple and economical building structure based on the principles of ‘divine geometry’ seen in Islamic art and the dimensions of the Sun, Venus and the Earth in Phi relationship which form a Golden Triangle. 

The building not only uses green design but it is seen to incorporate green design. It explains how the various technologies within the park work in a simple and powerful way. 

As well as integrating solar powered technology, the building maximizes shading, insulation, smart management and recycling systems.