I am proud and privileged to work as the CEO of HEC. Hadeed Emirates Cont. has evolved from a firm founded by few young enthusiastic engineers to one of the leading mid-size ISO certified, turnkey contracting companies in UAE. Our firm stands on a strong foundation of commitment, integrity and excellence. We are a company that is moving forward into a new era of growth and opportunity.
We live in a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment. One in which our clients have significant needs. It is our goal to accept change and to progress our activities in complementary fashion with those of our Clients. To do so, we will combine our professional skills, our diversity, our team-driven yet practical approach and our relentless pursuit of your objectives with a comprehensive knowledge of your industry. This is our pledge to you and we will honor it.
HEC is in every major UAE city. We have developed strong teams that can address your complex business challenges and we will continue to recruit and retain probably the best and the brightest in those areas where you need us most. We have a creative ‘can do’ spirit that is the reason for our solid, dependable performance and success. Whether we are in the construction site or the conference room, we will be there for you.
Having experienced many business environments around the world, I can hardly imagine an industry that would involve more challenge, thrill, amazement and excitement than the construction industry.
We work, all around the clock, with people who are adding value to life around them, by building edifices that will eventually shape our future and identify our civilization.
Diligence are the keys to success in our business. We strive to make sure that Hadeed Emirates Cont. Co. excels at these four values, every step of the way. Visit our construction sites or step into our offices and you will see what I mean. That’s what made us grow rapidly, in just a few years, to become one of the leading companies in our field.
We are committed to doing our best, not only to deliver what we have contracted for, but also to go that extra mile.